View Map's Details & Download CS_BLOODSTRIKE - Counter-Strike Custom map. Lien de telechargement téléchargez le fichier proposé. Télécharger le fichier cs_bloodstrike (depuis le serveur de canoakayak.info - aucune limitation de vitesse). TÉLÉCHARGER MAP BLOODSTRIKE 1 - Ils interpelaient les joueurs et exigeaient un rtv. Yam, tu mailes le créateur de la map pour lui apprendre à faire .


Format: Fichier D’archive
Version: Dernière
Licence: Libre (*Pour usage personnel)
Système d’exploitation: iOS. Android. Windows XP/7/10. MacOS.
Taille: 71.43 Megabytes

The Specialists. Fear ne défufu pas les rogues. Happy to see 17B Always alive. Map is made with Valve Hammer 3. Team Fortress Classic. Day Of Defeat.

TÉLÉCHARGER MAP BLOODSTRIKE 1 WAY CS - This has made it a. Protect your base and prevent the Counter-Terrorist from infiltrating. Télécharger carte cs_bloodstrike. Carte de cs_bloodstrike (Counter-Strike ), captures d'écran, cartes, télécharger des cartes cs_bloodstrike. Voir le plan. Télécharger plus de maps Counter Strike , CZ, CSS, L4D, TF2, DODS. .. Gestionnaire de serveur, panel administration. cs_bloodstrike. 13/06/

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Last Download: Create res. Download selection. Random Maps. Happy to see 17B Always alive. Cool maps, Freimaurer! Which map do you need? I can try, or pass the tutorial on how it is done. Me I tried do that by my self.


Hi all, I dare to ask if it's possible to become a member of the validating team? Hi Igrik! I believe I might be helpful: By the way, is it allowed to replace a 24 slot map with its 32 slots replica the geometry of the level has not changed? Take a look at my GameBanana profile ID for examples. OK, ImprovedBowman, but most of these things you can do right now.

Go ahead and start the upload! I see. Still, I have done some searching and found out that members of the validating team were last active in Anyway, my offer still stands. I did not find him.

Fear ne défufu pas les rogues. MDL file into the sierra half life cstrike models folder if you want the gold version just make the name v.

Chez nous les gens téléchargent des dossiers! The level is complete with snow, custom textures, and a face paced layout.

I am almost finished with the map, just have to make it a bit brighter and eventually add a few things. The map is based on the secret american military base Area After the first attempt to rescue the hostages most of the Special Forces squad was eliminated, and two of them were captured. This site is NOT official gamefront site but just a third party mirror.


Acheter Des Annonces Ici. Age Of Chivalry. Battle Grounds 2. Fortress Forever. The Hidden Source. Zombie Panic: Day Of Defeat. Condition Zero.


Team Fortress Classic. Earth Special Force. HL Rally. Natural Selection. Syndicate Black Ops. Action Half Life.

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HL DeathMatch. Sven Co-Op. The Specialists.

Top Note. Not specified. Last Download: Create res. Download selection.